Nathaniel O. Surles (Nathan)


Broad based scientific background supporting technically driven business development expertise. Solid history in pharmaceutical laboratory research which has been transitioned into current agricultural chemical role. Commercially oriented scientist with exposure to both agriculture and horticulture with experience developing/implementing tests for seed treatments, greenhouse bench work, field trials and neuroscience therapies. Proven technical expertise in developing protocols, troubleshooting, and data analysis with a strong focus on business application of results. Trade show veteran who has worked with sales personnel to promote and sell agronomic products. Team player.

Professional Experience

WS Associates, LLC, Richmond VA 2014-current
Business Development, Technical Representative
Design and implementation of various research and development projects for support of product commercialization. Preparation of statistically-directed testing protocols, written technical documents with data analysis. POWER POINT presentations incorporating technical information oriented towards marketing and sales support. Chart and graphic illustrations development. Assisting in many aspects of business development.

• Creating technical documents that demonstrate pricing, marketing, value positioning and proper utilization of various products.
• Conducting statistical evaluations and experimental design for evaluating products undergoing market development.
• Competent in typing, MICROSOFT, with excellent EXCEL and POWER POINT deployment.
• Evaluating various markets in order to appropriately develop products and tailor innovations.
• Recognizing and technically supporting product benefits.
• Providing technical sales support at tradeshows in agriculture as well as greenhouse/nursery markets.
• Telephone “cold calling” for information gathering and technical/marketing support.
• Consulting with state regulators on behalf of clients in order to gain approval for the sales of soil additives.

Merck Research Laboratories, West Point, PA 2007-2013
Scientist Pharmacology
Developed novel assays for target validation programs related to Alzheimer’s disease and psychiatric disorders.
• Automated observational assays to improve throughput.
• Implemented assays into the pipeline of lead optimization programs.
• Collaborated with multiple teams with a goal of developing assays to fit the needs for compound characterization of those teams.
• Independently performed statistics and analysis for all experiments and presented data for program teams to contribute to go and no-go decisions for various projects.
• Developed a novel test for evaluating the side effects of antipsychotics pre-clinically.
• Oversaw transgenic mice and developed a novel nesting assay to mark the progression of Alzheimer’s disease models.

The University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 2005-2007
Research Technician, Physiology Department ∙
Set up and managed the testing of Dr. Kathy Saatman’s laboratory for evaluating models of traumatic brain injury research at University of Kentucky, refined rat/mice surgical techniques, and trained others on such techniques.

• Moved sensitive lab equipment and oversaw moving of equipment from University of Pennsylvania to University of Kentucky.
• Oversaw the organization of work space /project flow patterns and helped make key decisions on configuration and location of work spaces and testing equipment at new facility.
• Developed a refined surgical and brain injury model based off of those used at University of Pennsylvania to optimally differentiate between clinically relevant mild and moderate injuries.
• Oversaw the breeding for 2 non-commercial lines of transgenic mice.
• Conducted histology of brain tissue with various staining methods for evaluating lesion size and severity.

The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 2004-2005
Research Technician, Department of Neurosurgery
Rapidly acquired techniques of surgical procedure, brain injury model, motor assessment and cognition assays, and histology in order to effectively relocate a lab studying traumatic brain injury models to University of Kentucky on time and within budget.

• Maintained detailed records of testing procedures and data, took measurements of testing arenas, and supervised the shipping of lab equipment.


Bachelor of Science, Psychobiology, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA

Technical Training

Competency in Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), SPSS, Prism, microscope imaging software (Image-Pro Plus), and Med Associates.


Classical guitarist, songwriter, recording artist


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