Winning Solutions with Dr. Wayne Surles & Associates

Management/Strategic Consultant in Agricultural, Apiculture, Green Industry & Structural Pest Control Markets




  • Registration/licensing support specialist for fertilizers/soil conditioners
  • Expert in AAPFCO requirements
  • Strong academic scientific background in entomology, biology, natural history, ecology, chemistry and biological control with extensive post graduate business and marketing/management experience/education
  • Highly diversified technical background that supports broad business management perspective
  • Expertise in agriculture, horticulture, structural pest control, turf and ornamentals
  • Develop strategic business implementation of new technologies

Contact WS Associates

Dr. Wayne Surles
6009 Britlyn Court
Glen Allen, Va
804.747.4830 M. 302.983.3349


  • Strategic marketing analyst for innumerable  U.S./Canadian markets who provided economic guidance to support  multimillion-dollar, results-oriented research and development efforts
  • Possesses a strong orientation toward quality customer service and productivity while maintaining an ecological concern for and prudent use of natural and economic resources
  • Worked in nearly every pesticide market in the United States and Canada while supporting related global programs
  • Creative, analytical problem solver
  • Outgoing team player with participative style and proven ability to extract and promote excellence from associates


  • Internationally connected in pesticide/ plant-input  markets and can immediately provide strategic insight into most new market concepts
  • If a project involves agricultural, specialty/agronomic products Dr. Surles will have relevant experience
  • Honored in 2009 as College Outstanding Alumnus by the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Extensive industrial history for providing WINNING SOLUTIONS for broad array of pesticide and strategic issues
  • Providing economic solutions to bring new products to market in the US and Canada.