Dr. Surles’ Select Publications


Most industrial work is confidential so publications therein are not in the public domain. Select typical reports include:

  • Market surveys for pesticides and fertilizers for innumerable US/Canadian markets
  • Pro formas for Sales of Businesses…divestitures
  • Business plans for launching new businesses and products in:
      ✧Agricultural pesticides
      ✧Specialty pesticides in Green Industry, Vegetation Management
      ✧Structural Pest Control and Malaria control
      ✧Information Management
      ✧Intellectual Property management

Academic Papers

Surles, W. W. and Edwards, D. 2006. Proper application of preconstruction termite treatments – a guide for builders, pest management professionals, and homeowners. Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Richmond, VA. 6pp.

Weaver, M. J. and Surles, W. W. 2005. Protecting Virginia’s sensitive areas – control your drops and control your drift! Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Richmond, VA. 8pp.

Surles, W.W. 1989. New approaches to solving entomological problems; An industrial perspective. Entomology in Virginia; Problems and New Approaches; occ. Paper. Dept. of Entomology, V.P.I. and S.U. pp. 34-44.

Surles, W.W. and L.T.Kok. 1978. Carduus thistle seed destruction by Rhinocyllus conicus. Weed Science. 26(3); 264-9.

Surles, W.W. and L.T.Kok. 1977. Response of Carduus nutans L. to infestation by Rhinocyllus conicus Froelich ( Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and mechanical damage. Proc. Of the IU International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds. T.E. Freeman, ed., University of Florida. pp. 105-7.

Surles, W.W. and L.T.Kok. 1977. Ovipositional preference and synchronization of Rhinocyllus conicus with Carduus nutans and C. acanthoides. Environmental Entomology. 6(2): 222-4.

Surles, W.W. 1976. Impact of Rhinocyllus conicus Froehlich ( Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on the reproduction of Carduus thistles in Virginia. Ph.D. dissertation, Virginia Polytechnic Institue and State University. 798 pp.

Surles, W.W. and L.T.Kok. 1976. Pilot studies on augmentation of Rhinocyllus conicus ( Col.: Curculionidae) for Carduus thistle control. Environmental Entomology. 5: 901-4.

Kok, L.T. and W.W.Surles. 1975. Successful biocontrol of musk thistle by an introduced weevil, Rhinocyllus conicus. Environmental; Entomology. 4(6):1025-7.

Surles, W.W. and L.T.Kok. 1975. Sequential releases of Rhinocyllus conicus Froelich ( Coleoptera: Curculionidae) for the biocontrol of Carduus thistles. J. of New York Entomological Society. 83(4):250.

Surles, W.W., R.L.Pienkowski and L.T.Kok. 1975. Mortality of the immature stages of Rhinocyllus conicus, a thistle head weevil, in Virginia. Ibid., 4:371-2.

Surles, W.W. 1974. Native hymenopteran parasitoids attacking an introduced weevil, Rhinocyllus conicus, in Virginia. Environmental Entomology. 3(6): 1027-8.

Surles, W.W. , L.T.Kok and R.L.Pienkowski. 1974. Rhinocyllus conicus establishment for biocontrol of thistles in Virginia. Weed Science. 22(1): 1-3.

Surles, W.W. 1972. An analysis of the establishment and impact of an exotic insect, Rhinocyllus conicus Froelich (Col.:Curculionidae), on Carduus nutans L. and Carduus acanthoides L. ( Campulatae: Compositate) in Virginia with notes on their biologies. M.S. Thesis, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. 196 pp.