Kyle Rushing

Received BS in 1966 and MS in 1967 in Agronomy – Seed Technology at MSU

Quality Control Agronomist with Delta and Pine Co. 1967-1971 working with cotton, soybeans, and rice seed production at Scott, Mississippi.

Director of Mississippi Foundation Seed – Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry at MSU 1971-1973 supplying the Mississippi growers with new varieties of numerous crops developed by the state and federal plant breeders.

Seed Treatment Specialist – Chevron – Ortho Division 1973-1978. Project lead for Captan, Difolatan, and developed Orthene as a Systemic Insecticide Seed Applied product which became the number one product for early season insect control on cotton for 13 years and was used on millions of acres throughout the world.

Vice President of Research for Gustafson, Inc. Dallas, Tx. 1978-2005.
• Growth of product line from 3 products to +90. Sales increased from 3.5 – 160 million dollars in seed treatment chemical, additives, and application system technologies.
• Worked with major chemical companies around the world to register with EPA their compounds – fungicides, insecticides, PGR, Colorants, Biologicals – ISR; Organics, inoculants, and herbicide safeners. There is hardly a seed planted in NA that does not have one or more of these compounds on it.
• Holds a patent for the liquid application of fungicides to peanut seed
• Has and is serving on numerous seed and industry committees
• Has presented numerous talks globally
• Served as Central Regional V. P. for the American Seed Trade Association

Vice President – Integrated Product Research INCOTEC, Salinas, Ca.
(2005 – 2010)
• Coordinated product development in North America for vegetable, flowers, tobacco, and other small seeded crops. There are eighty researchers globally within INCOTEC globally.
• Work directly with chemical companies around the world in bringing their technologies to the various growers through seed applied techniques – coatings, encrusting, and pelleting of seed.
• 2007 Selected as Mississippi State University College of Agriculture and Life Science Alumnus of the Year.

Senior Lead Actives and Additives INCOTEC ITR NL & Global (2010 – 2014)

• Set up a new research group to investigate the value that selective new actives and additives may have as seed applied products.
• Set up research station in India for stage one development of additives and actives.
• INCOTEC contact lead with more than 40 potential suppliers signing agreements of collaboration on actives and additives.
• Introduction of 20+ new product concepts into the INCOTEC portfolio.
• Film Coating polymers introduced to INCOTEC field crops seed coatings were used on corn planting 40+ million acres globally.

Retired September 30th from Incotec. Presently available for consulting on Seed Technologies at KW Rushing Consulting, Inc. – seed conditioning, pelleting, priming, application of seed treatments, and the development of seed treatment additives and chemicals.

Joined AgriCapital Advisors as Senior Consultant for Seed Technology (March
2015 – Present)